Luxury Homes Are Hot Right Now… But, What Qualifies As “Luxury?”

In the United States, people are shifting their views of what “home” means and looks like. With more people working from home and just spending more time at home in general, buyers are searching for luxury. A few years ago you may have thought of a luxury home as something with a lot of square […]

This Year, There’s No Place Like Home

While the pandemic has caused so much turmoil, pain and uncertainty in our lives over the past two years, it has surprisingly helped us realize one thing for the good; there’s no place like home. In a recent blog, we discussed how homeownership in America can lead to financial wealth and freedom. While this is […]

Renters Missed Out on $51,500 This Past Year

Rents have increased significantly this year. The latest National Rent Report from shows rents are rising at a rate much higher than the three years leading up to the pandemic: “Since January of this year, the national median rent has increased by a staggering 16.4 percent. To put that in context, rent growth from January to September averaged just 3.4 […]

Renting vs. Buying a Home

One of the most common things people consider when choosing where to live is whether they should rent or buy.

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