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6 Design Trends That You’ll Love in 2022

All-white kitchens are out, and natural colors are in! Plus, you may see some unexpected shapes and designs becoming popular in 2022. Take a look at this list below to see 6 design trends that you’ll love this year!

Vintage Furniture

Who doesn’t love an old vintage piece? Adding a vintage dresser or chair into your more modern furniture is a great way to freshen up your home interior. Look for pops of color or natural wood when choosing a vintage piece to help your personality shine through in your design style. 


This may feel like a blast from the past (70’s disco anyone!?) but curves are back! Expect to see curved furniture, curved walls, and even curved kitchen countertops making a comeback as one of 2022’s most popular design trends.

Nature Inspired Colors

The gray and white palette had its day, and we are looking forward to more color in our homes. This year homeowners will be inspired by natural colors like sage greens, misty blues, and light wood tones. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is “October Mist 1495.”

Woven Elements

Jute rugs, storage baskets, and even wicker furniture will be seen a lot this year. We are all spending more time at home these days and bringing in those cozy elements makes being home feel a little more comfortable. Plus, woven elements go great with most design styles whether it’s ultra-modern, eclectic, or farmhouse chic.

Natural Light

People are ditching their curtains this year and letting the light in! Plus, people are adding more and more windows into new build homes.

House Plants

For many, this may not be a “new” trend, but house plants are becoming more and more popular these days. Pairing well with vintage furniture, woven elements, natural light, and nature-inspired colors…house plants can bring it all together and give your home the cozy feeling you’ve been looking for.

Do you plan on incorporating any of these 2022 design trends in your home this year? What trends are you excited about and which are you sad to see go? We love seeing the new trends come each year…some stick around, and some don’t!

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