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Luxury Homes Are Hot Right Now… But, What Qualifies As “Luxury?”

In the United States, people are shifting their views of what “home” means and looks like. With more people working from home and just spending more time at home in general, buyers are searching for luxury.

A few years ago you may have thought of a luxury home as something with a lot of square feet, or something over a million dollars. Now, that definition has changed with the increase in home prices and what people are looking for.

Here are a few key things to look for if you’re searching for a luxury home, or considering selling your home and want to qualify it as a high-demand luxury home:

Location, location, location! In our area think mountain views, coveted neighborhoods, and golf course ammenities. A home in a desirable neighborhood is one of the first things that can market a home as a luxury listing.

High Price. Home prices have gone up in the last few years, and a million-dollar home may no longer be considered “expensive” in our area. You can peg a home as luxury if it truly is valued at a higher price for your area.

Top-notch quality. A luxury home is going to feature the best of the best materials throughout. This includes features like marble countertops, real wood floors, high-end appliances, and other expensive features that all sit well above “builder grade.”

Awesome amenities. Because people are spending more time at home, they want the convenience of everything right there. Home theater, game room, 4-car garage, backyard pool oasis, gym, and library are just a few things that can take an upscale home to a luxury home.

Privacy and seclusion. Unfortunately, being able to see your neighbors from your back deck is not considered luxurious. Homes that are secluded, either by being on a larger plot of land or have privacy measures in place are definitely considered luxury.

So now that you know what qualifies a home as a luxury, you can alter your home search. Or, if you own a luxury home and want to sell for top dollar, now is the time.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Longmont and Northern Colorado area, we can help. We have proven strategies for both. Let’s chat!

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