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Sell Your Longmont or Northern Colorado Home

So, You’re Thinking of Selling ?

You might feel a rush of excitement—or maybe some twinges of worry—when you begin to think about selling your home in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland or beyond. How much will I be able to get for my Longmont or Northern Colorado home?  Is now a good time to sell?  Will it be a ton of work?

Rest assured, as one of the top real estate agencies in Longmont, Boulder, and Loveland, we have concrete answers to all of those questions, and each one will be tailored to you and your personal circumstances.

In real estate, as in so many industries, time is money. When you sell your home with us, we’ll maximize your profit as swiftly as possible, minimizing time on the market and headaches for you. Whether you need to sell your home, like…uh, yesterday, or are envisioning a more measured approach to prepare for when the time is right, call us for a no-pressure conversation that will put your mind at ease.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers

Find a Pro

You can’t possibly see into the future to predict your home-selling experience. So, the important thing is to have a trusted expert who can handle any hiccups along the way. Take the time to meet with a few agents.  And when you’re ready, choose someone experienced who knows your region, is well versed in digital marketing, has a proven track record and reliable references.  The right pro will diligently research your area and help set a price you’re comfortable with.

Prepare Your Home

The Longmont, Boulder and Loveland areas tend to be highly competitive. It’s worth it to take the time to de-clutter, deep clean, make necessary repairs and improvements (your agent can help you identify these) and generally spruce up your home so that buyers can see you’re your belongings and envision their new lives here.

Watch Your Agent Market Your Home

Now it’s time to show off your home. Here at Dwellings, for example, we will connect you with staging services, if needed; photograph your home with premium, dazzling photography that shows your home in its very best light; create an online 3D tour, and write a compelling description that tells the story of your home.

Via aggressive digital marketing, our extensive industry connections, open houses and personal outreach, we’ll communicate to every corner of Longmont or Northern Colorado how amazing your home is. The results will bring in just the right buyers.

Offers, Inspections and Closing

This is where having an agent experienced in Northern Colorado home-buying is critical. At Dwellings, we’ll negotiate with other agents, help you decipher the legalese of offers and ensure you land the best one. We’ll guide you through the appraisals, inspections and deadlines that are part of selling a home. And we’ll get you through closing with a smile on your face.


There’s no spin here: we love our clients and it’s our top priority that they receive exactly what they need. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

"Amy is super helpful and professional! She made selling our house and finding the new perfect home a breeze. She went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable throughout the entire selling & buying process. We highly recommended her!​"

Ready to Sell?

Or just want to discuss your options? We’re here to answer your questions in a pressure-free conversation.

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