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Top 5 Reasons To Work With A Realtor When Selling Your Home

When you start to think about selling your home you might feel a rush of excitement—or maybe some twinges of worry— there are a lot of questions! How much will I be able to get for my Longmont or Northern Colorado home?  Is now a good time to sell?  Will it be a ton of work? You may also be asking yourself, should I work with a Realtor?

We put together this helpful list of the top 5 reasons to work with a Realtor when selling your home to help make your decision just a little bit easier.

Realtor showing a house to a family.

1. They have much more experience

Experience alone is a great reason why you should work with a Realtor when selling your home. Whether you’re a first-time seller or you’re seasoned in the process, you’ll never have the experience that a Realtor does. Realtors are constantly keeping up to date with current real estate trends in your local area, and you can feel secure trusting them with their knowledge and experience when it comes to selling homes.

2. They are expert negotiators

Going into the home selling process with a professional negotiator gives you a major upper-hand when it comes to closing the deal. A Realtor will know how to handle tricky buyer demands, complicated cash offers and bidding war scenarios, all while keeping your best interest in mind and working to get you top dollar for your home.

3. They know how to market your home the right way

Realtors know how to pull out all the stops to get your home noticed by as many potential buyers as possible. From professional photos and video, staging, social media, open-houses, custom listing pages, flyers, and more… It’s a huge bonus to have a Realtor working for you to handle all of this. Marketing matters!

4. They know how to price your home correctly

A Realtor will know the market and have access to comparable properties in your area, plus they are up to date on local trends. If you think that you can price your home based on an online “estimate” you may be under pricing or overpricing your home by a long shot. A Realtor can get in the home and put an accurate price tag on the value of your home.

5. They understand contracts

You’re going to want someone in your corner when trying to navigate all the paperwork and sometimes complicated closing documents. While it may be the first time you’re looking at a real estate contract, you can rest assured that your Realtor has seen it all before and knows exactly how to handle it. Having a Realtor is also a great resource for whatever questions and concerns you may have while selling your home.

Thinking about selling your home? We can help! In real estate, as in so many industries, time is money. When you sell your home with us, we’ll maximize your profit as swiftly as possible, minimizing time on the market and headaches for you. Whether you need to sell your home, like…uh, yesterday or are envisioning a more measured approach to prepare for when the time is right, call us for a no-pressure conversation that will put your mind at ease. Happy Dwelling!

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